When Sex Doesn’t Heal Your Brokenness

Over and over again I contemplated writing this. Would it be too personal? Would it make people uncomfortable? Is it really necessary to share some of the most personal, intimate, details of my life? These were the three questions that ran through my mind over and over again before I finally opened my computer to… Continue reading When Sex Doesn’t Heal Your Brokenness


You’re Too Valuable To Quit

What inspires or motivates you when you're about to give up? This was the question that I was asked earlier today. Interesting enough it came right at a moment when my mind was filled with frustration so much so that the thought of giving up had started to cross my mind. Was this a sign… Continue reading You’re Too Valuable To Quit


Dear Little Ms. Perfect

Dear, Little Ms. Perfect I remember a time when I would idolize and practically worship you. Every morning with a face filled with dark spots, and hair all over my head I would look in the mirror and secretly wish that I was you. The one who wakes up beautiful every day even before putting… Continue reading Dear Little Ms. Perfect

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Beautiful Disaster: 3 Ways to Find Peace in Chaos

At one point or another we all have found ourselves in a place of total chaos. The place where it seems like nothing is going as planned, nothing good is happening, and everything around us seems to be tumbling down right before our very eyes. Recently I found myself in this place; the place of… Continue reading Beautiful Disaster: 3 Ways to Find Peace in Chaos