Dear Little Ms. Perfect

Dear, Little Ms. Perfect
I remember a time when I would idolize and practically worship you. Every morning with a face filled with dark spots, and hair all over my head I would look in the mirror and secretly wish that I was you. The one who wakes up beautiful every day even before putting on make-up. Little Ms. Perfect. The one who just knows how to do everything right without even trying. Little Ms. Perfect. The one who never screwed up a recipe. The one who was the perfect wife and the perfect mom. Little Ms. Perfect. The one with no stretch marks on her body, or wrinkles in her face. Yep, that’s you. Little Ms. Perfect.
How can I forget those moments in my dorm room when I would cry my eyes out because no matter how hard I tried to be you, I could NEVER be you. No matter how much I combed my hair there was always that one piece of hair that refused to lie down. No matter how much make-up I packed on my face those dark spots still stared me in the face every single morning. No matter how much I hid behind the cute clothes and cute shoes I still failed to be you. Little Ms. Perfect.
Every time I failed, every time I made a mistake, and every time I didn’t live up to your standards you screamed loudly in my ear…”YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH”. But today I’m writing you this letter to let you know…”IT’S OVER”. I know we spent countless years together but today I proclaim BOLDLY that… I NO LONGER WANT TO BE YOU! You see I’ve met a man that tells me daily that I don’t have to be you. I met a man who tells me He loves me even when I wake up with my hair all over my head, and even when my face is bare and filled with dark spots. He’s a man that even when I fail, He still looks at me and calls me victorious! He’s a man that even when I looked far from perfect came running after me.
He’s the man named JESUS!
He’s the savior of the world.  The one who died for every mistake I would ever make. For every sickness that I would endure. For every moment of grief that I would have to encounter. He  died to set me free. He died so that I might be whole. He died so that I never have to pretend to be you. Little Ms. Perfect. 
Because Jesus died for me I can look in the mirror every single morning and LOVE what I see. I can trip up on my own shoe laces and get back up smiling. I can burn the chicken and not feel like I’m failing as a wife. I can forget that my children have basketball and piano practice after school and STILL feel like I’m a great mom.
Yep, that’s me.


Too often as women we fall victim to Little Ms. Perfect but JESUS desires to set us free!! He desires to deliver. He desires to rescue. He desires to love you.
 Were you ever a victim to Little Ms. Perfect? Share your story below. I would absolutely love to hear how the Lord set you free. 
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11 thoughts on “Dear Little Ms. Perfect

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I honestly think we’re all still trying to overcome this very thing. But what I really love about God is that He meets us right where we are. We all have things that we’re still trying to overcome but that doesn’t make Him love us any less. In fact it’s our imperfections and weaknesses that makes Him draw closer to us. Thanks again for reading. God bless you


  1. I’ve definitely tried to be Little Miss Perfect for most of my life. It was when I thought I needed to be as close to perfect as possible to please God, but that totally missed the point of grace. When I was being awful God showed me that his good gifts are dependent on how to perfect I can be. His gifts are only dependent on his own love and goodness. I’d like to say I never try to be perfect now, but sometimes I still do. Thankfully Jesus is there to remind me that he’s already made me perfect in his eyes.


    1. Amen Ashleigh! Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your story. I think if we all begin to reflect on our lives we can see a little bit of Little Ms Perfect still trying to raise her head. Being a Christian doesn’t exempt us from temptations but it gives us the POWER over it! Because of grace we don’t have to give into Little Ms Perfect when she raises her head but instead we can BOLDLY take authority over her! Thanks again for reading. God bless you 🙂

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