You’re Too Valuable To Quit

What inspires or motivates you when you’re about to give up?

This was the question that I was asked earlier today. Interesting enough it came right at a moment when my mind was filled with frustration so much so that the thought of giving up had started to cross my mind.

Was this a sign from God? Was He trying to speak to me through this person?

These were the two questions that crossed my mind as I shared my answer with them….

“A lot of the times what inspires and motivates me the most when I feel like giving up is knowing that my destiny is connected to someone else’s destiny. If I give up how would the girl who’s struggling in her identity know that, like I did, she can overcome low self esteem. If I give up how would the girl who’s constantly giving her body away at the expense of being noticed know that there’s a LOVING God who loves her and notices everything about her. Giving up is selfish! It reduces our life to self gratification when life is SO MUCH BIGGER than self. Life is too meaningful, and filled with purpose to try to fit it in the box of self. If I reduced my life to it only being about pleasing myself I would have given up a long time ago because pleasing self doesn’t bring TRUE FULFILLMENT. Without helping others life becomes meaningless. It becomes only a cycle of  regret, and unfulfillment. I choose today to keep going because someone else is depending on me!”

As soon as I sent my answer back to this person tears began to swell up in my eyes because I realized that God had strategically orchestrated this whole question and answer thing as a reminder. A reminder of why I had to keep going even though my flesh wanted to give up. A reminder of purpose. A reminder of destiny. 

He used it to remind me that when I gave my life to the Lord  my life became HIS and not my own.



The same way the Lord reminded me earlier today, I now want to remind you.

You have EVERY REASON to keep going. As hard as it is for you to believe, your life is EXTREMELY significant! There’s someone waiting and depending on you. If you give up how would they know that God is a God who delivers. How would they know that there’s life after pain. How would they know that IT IS possible to achieve their dreams. They need you to make it. They need your testimony. They need your inspiration. They need your motivation.

Don’t you dare give up! Your destiny is connected to someone else’s destiny! pexels-photo-541518

Lets Talk: What inspires or motivates you when you want to give up?

I would absolutely love to hear from you all! 😊😊

If you know someone who could use this encouragement SHARE THIS WITH THEM!







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