Blogging With Purpose: 5 Ways to glorify God through your blog

When I first decided to start my blog I had one goal in mind…to glorify God! My goal was to use my gift to write as a way to encourage, motivate, and inspire others through the love of Jesus Christ. Immediately after I began searching the internet about how to start a blog and most importantly how to start a blog that would ultimately glorify God. To my surprise there were MANY articles about how to start a blog but very few about how to use your blog to glorify God. Even a month after my first blog post I found myself once again searching the internet looking for inspiration and tips for Christian Bloggers with no real success. In my disappointment I began to think about the other millions of other Christian bloggers searching the internet for tips on how to successfully glorify God through their blog and I immediately decided to take action.ย 

So without further or due here are five ways to glorify God through your blog. Enjoy!

1. Share your story

When I first decided to start my blog I made a promise to myself that I would be as transparent as possible in order to glorify God. I wanted my followers to know that if God could deliver me from such a painful, chaotic, imperfect past that God could deliver them too! I wanted them to know that although I’m a Christian, I still have those not so perfect moments just like them but having a relationship with Christ makes life a whole lot easier. If you’re a Christian blogger don’t be afraid or too ashamed to share your story. One of the most effective ways to glorify God is through your testimony.


2. Post with purpose

I know that as a blogger it’s always tempting to post about everything that comes to your mind (I struggle with this one too) but what sets a part a blog being used to glorify God from any other blog is purpose! Before you post ask yourself these three questions

*Am I posting this just to receive likes or am I posting this because I want to help someone else?

*Will this post push people closer to God or further away from Him?

*Does this post line up with God’s intentions for my blog?cover.jpg

3. Remind yourself daily that you’re a Christ Follower FIRST then a blogger.

I think sometimes especially with social media it’s so easy to become so wrapped up in the latest trends that we forget that our first priority is to represent Christ in ALL that we do (Yes even through our Facebook statuses and blog posts) As a Christian blogger you can glorify God through your blog just by reminding yourself who you represent. This will keep your blog centered on what matters the most.


4. Pray before writing

God knows exactly what your readers need at the very moment that they need it. Praying before writing allows you to write with purpose. It gives your writing the grace that it needs not just to inspire but to heal and deliver. As I was searching for tips on how to glorify God through my blog I began to realize that it was more simple than I thought. The key was just making sure that I’m being led by God. When you’re being led by God you bring glory to God!


5. Point people to Christ, not yourself

Every single time I post something new I always make sure I end it by pointing people back to Christ. I want my followers to know that Christ is the answer. I want them to know that He can give them WAY more than I ever can. I don’t ever want my followers to replace their own personal relationship with Christ with reading my blog posts. It’s imperative as Christian bloggers that we’re constantly pointing our followers back to the savior. He alone is our healer, deliverer, helper, and strong tower! The more you point people back to Christ, the more God gets the glory.



Well there you have it. 5 ways to use your blog to glorify God. I really hope this helped you as a Christian blogger.

If this helped you comment below to let me know. What are some ways that you, as a Christian blogger glorify God through your blog? Let’s help one another

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11 thoughts on “Blogging With Purpose: 5 Ways to glorify God through your blog

  1. These are great tips for thinking of Christian posts!! #1 and #5 are especially important! Also love the color scheme and layout of your blog, it’s clean but lovely. These tips are a great resource for new Christian bloggers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this!!! I actually use these tips lol. Itโ€™s not always easy, bc a lot of times I just want to write what I want, bc my thoughts run wild, but I know my blog will be more effective & inspiring when itโ€™s led by God. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    This is really good stuff!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! ๐Ÿ’›


      1. Yes He is!!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ you are so welcome. I enjoy your writing!


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