Blogging With Purpose part 2: Remember Why You Started

When I first decided to start my blog it was my passion and desire to see other people free that was the driving force behind my decision. I was tired of seeing people in bondage. I was tired of seeing people suffer. I was tired of seeing people in pain. My mission, through my blog, was to give people hope through the love of Jesus Christ. I wanted my blog to be used as a deliverance tool for the broken, the lost, and the hurting. But if I really be honest, as soon as I saw what other bloggers were doing, I found myself losing sight of my own mission. For just a moment I started to lose focus. I was beginning to forget the reason why I started. 

When you first decided to start your blog what was the driving force behind it? What was your mission? What did you want to accomplish? Who did you want to reach? Sometimes it’s so easy for us to get caught up in the numbers and statistics of blogging that we forget the reason why we started.  Remembering why you started not only keeps God at the center of your blog but it gives you the drive and determination to keep going in those moments when you feel like giving up. Succeeding without passion or purpose is like trying to stay alive without breathing. It’s impossible! In order to succeed at anything you have to have a passion for it. You have to have a reason why. You have to have a purpose.

I’ve noticed in my own blogging experience that I’m the most inspired and motivated to write when I remember why I started. When I lose focus of my reason why I begin to lose motivation. I begin to compare. I begin to focus more on numbers than making an impact.  Remembering why you started helps you to keep first things first. It gives you inspiration in those moments when you’re finding it difficult to be inspired. Remember those people you wanted to help through your blog? Let that be the fuel for your inspiration. Inspiration comes easy when we remember why we started. It’s the one thing that pushes us out of the bed in the mornings when we would much rather sleep our lives away. It’s the one thing that gives us the motivation to keep going.

If you’re a Christian Blogger, my tip for you today is to remember why you started. Don’t get so caught up in the numbers, statistics, and the comparison game that you forget why you started.  It’s your reason why that sets your blog a part. Remember why you started.


Thanks so much for reading!  I really hope this reminder helped you as much as it helped me.

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8 thoughts on “Blogging With Purpose part 2: Remember Why You Started

  1. You are speaking a WORD! So often I found myself thinking that I should “lighten” up the things that I post because so many other blogs draw in readers with fun, carefree content that writing about other very real things felt like I was hindering my website. Every time I have to remind myself that I started my blog to help others with the difficult things in life by sharing my own stories along with helpful ways to combat the many mistakes we make as young adults. Regardless of whether I get two views or 200 I feel gratified when I know that what I post is truly helping others in the ups and downs of life. Thank you for posting about this because I think it can help remind many of us that blogging is so much more than pictures of coffee mugs and affiliations; it’s also meant to be about truth and community which is such a beautiful thing.

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    1. Absolutely! I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes I have a tendency of thinking that my content is too “deep” or serious as well but as you said we have to remember our mission. When you have a mission and a purpose for the content you choose to write, the people who you’re suppose to reach will be reached! I think sometimes we get caught up in wanting to reach everybody when that’s just impossible. We will reach the people that God has called us to reach. We all have a different group of people that we’re called to. I’ve learned that not everything I write will reach everybody but IT WILL reach the people who I’m called to. So glad this encouraged you. Thanks so much for reading. 😊

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