25 Daily Reminders To Help You Overcome Depression

1. God cares about your situation

2. You are NOT your depression

3. You are an overcomer

4. You ARE more than a conqueror

5. You deserve to be happy

6. You ALREADY have the victory

7. You CAN get back up again

8. You ARE worthy of real love

9. You have EVERY reason to keep going

10. Everything you’re going through will work together for YOUR GOOD

11. It won’t always be like this

12. There’s LIFE after failure

13. You are NOT alone

14. It’s ok NOT to be ok

15. God is concerned about you

16. You ARE a winner

17. There’s ALWAYS a reason to be grateful

18. You have the right to grow

19. You were created to win

20. You are NOT your mistakes

21. Change IS possible

22. Your situation is NOT too hard for God

23. You ARE loved

24. You ARE special

25. You ARE worthy



Thanks so much for reading! I pray that these reminders helped you. 😊

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