Get To The Root Of It: 5 Things That May Be Contributing To Your Fear


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Happy Monday!!! Can you believe it’s Monday again already? May this week be filled with nothing but the peace and joy of the Lord!

The month of June on Woman:Redefined is all about overcoming fear. At the beginning of this month the Lord began to speak to me about courage and being fearless in the pursuit of becoming everything that He has called me to be. The truth is that for the longest time fear kept me from pursuing my God given destiny. And if I really be honest, it was the thing that I battled with for a whole two weeks before starting this blog. Fear tried to convince me that if I started this blog it would be a waste of time because no one would read it or care about what I had to say. Fear tried to make me believe that I had to have it all together in order to influence and make a difference in the lives of others. Fear tried to stop me from obeying the voice of God. Fear tried to blind me from ever seeing my true potential.

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Nothing kills purpose like fear does!

Fear cripples you. It causes you to stand still when you should be moving. It demands you to stay silent when you should be speaking!

For years that was me. I was gifted. I was anointed. I was FULL of purpose but I was afraid! Every time I think about overcoming fear I think about Peter walking on the water (Matthew 14). I think about how afraid he must have been to take the first step, but instead of choosing to obey the voice of fear, He chose to obey the voice of Jesus and “come”. As long as he kept his eyes on Jesus he walked on the water, but as soon as he took his eyes off of Jesus he began to sink.

Fear doesn’t have a chance as long as we keep our eyes on the savior!

How many opportunities have you missed out on because of fear? How many people are still in bondage because you allowed fear to keep you silent?

What’s Causing You To Be Afraid?

For me it was my insecurity. I was afraid to try something new because I didn’t believe in myself. I was afraid to obey the voice of God because I thought I wasn’t worthy of success.

What’s causing YOUR fear?

In order to overcome fear, we have to first get to the root of what’s causing our fear.

Here are 5 things that may be contributing to your fear:

1. Past Failures

It’s no secret that when you’ve tried something and failed at it, it becomes difficult to gain the confidence to try again. Past failures have a way of making us believe that because we failed previously we’re going to fail again. This causes us to fear trying again.

2. Your Environment

Believe it or not your environment plays a huge role in your ability to overcome fear. The environment you’re in can either bring out the best in you or it can bring out the worst in you. Some environments promote fear and some promote courage. If all you see around you are people who are stagnant and afraid to go forth, it’s no secret that you, too, will be afraid to go forth! Sometimes all it takes is to be exposed to a new environment for you to overcome fear.

3. Your Childhood

Whether we know it or not, fear is often learned through out our life span. For some of us fear was instilled in us at a very early age. We learned to fear every time we watched a horror movie as a child. We learned to fear at a young age through separation anxiety when our parents dropped us off at daycare for the first time. Fear isn’t something that just comes all of a sudden. It comes in stages.

4. Low Self Esteem

As I mentioned earlier, insecurity and low self esteem was the root cause of my fear. I realize now that the more confident I am, the less afraid I become. If you ever want to overcome fear start by loving yourself and telling yourself over and over again







5. Your Everyday Routine

Depending on your everyday routine you can unconciously invite fear into your heart and mind just by what you watch on t.v. and listen to. If you’re constantly feeding your mind and heart with things that promote fear you can expect to be afraid, but if you’re feeding your heart and mind with things that promote boldness and courage you can expect to be courageous! A lot of the times something as simple as paying attention to what you allow to get into your Spirit can help you overcome fear.


Well there you have it! 5 things that may be contributing to your fear.

Did you see something on this list that you’ve noticed in your own life? What are some other things that you believe contributes to fear? Comment below to let me know. I would love to hear from you 😊

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9 thoughts on “Get To The Root Of It: 5 Things That May Be Contributing To Your Fear

  1. Aww, I love this. You are becoming strong in Christ, beating down the lies and allowing Him to pull you up. Fear is very strong but HE HAS A PURPOSE for each trial and each situation. Keep going mama! I’m all about helping moms find their purpose and you are well on your way.


  2. This was so awesome and I agree with watching what you consume especially during these times it will make anyone afraid! Thanks for sharing!


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