Do Something| Facing The Giant Of Fear


If you could live a life free of fear what would you do? 

Would you start that business you’ve always dreamed of?

Would you go back to school?

Would you finally speak out about the injustices you’ve been seeing in the world around you?

Would you blog more often?

What would you do?

Now what if I told you that it IS possible to live a life free of fear. What if I told you that it IS possible to face the giant of fear and actually win?

That’s exactly what David did when he defeated Goliath (1 Samuel 17). He faced the giant of fear AND WON! When everyone else was too afraid to go forth, David stepped up to the plate and faced the giant head on. Instead of choosing to fear like everyone else he chose to believe in the power of his God. He chose to believe that if he made the first step, God would do the rest. He dared to believe that He COULD. He dared to believe that God had given him everything he needed to win. He chose to obey the voice of God over the voice of fear!

The Bible says that this giant taunted the israelites twice a day for a whole forty days before someone finally mustered up enough courage to face him. Can you imagine how long they would’ve been in fear if David didn’t decide to move

Movement eliminates fear! The more you move, the less afraid you become.

The heartbreaking truth about fear is that it never just goes away without doing anything. The longer we stand still and do nothing, the more of a hold fear has on us. To overcome fear we have to make a move! We have to take a step (even if it’s just a small one). We have to face it head on and decide to conquer it!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been afraid of public speaking. I was always afraid of not getting my words right. I was always afraid of not being good enough. I was always afraid of being rejected. I still remember the agony I went through in college when I had to give a speech in my communications class. By far one of the most difficult things I had to do. 😰 But guess what? With sweaty palms, and a cracked voice I CONQUERED IT! Partly because I had to in order to pass the class haha, but mainly because although I was afraid, I knew deep down inside that I had what it takes.

Interesting enough my call to ministry is filled with nothing but public speaking (the enemy will always try to make you fear the very thing God is calling you to). I still remember the very first time I stood before a room filled with girls and ministered to them about God’s love. I was nervous. I was afraid. I was filled with doubt but guess what? I CONQUERED IT! Through out the years of public speaking I’ve noticed that the more I do it, the less afraid I become. Do I still get a little nervous? Absolutely! But I can say that I’m not nearly as fearful as I use to be. 

You won’t overcome what you’re not willing to conquer!

I wish I could tell you that fear is just going to magically disappear over time but the truth is it won’t until you decide to do something! Do something you’ve never done before. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Start something you’ve always wanted to start.

Choose to look fear straight in the eyes and CONQUER IT!

Thanks so much for reading! I pray that this encouraged you and most importantly that it gave you the motivation you need to finally DO SOMETHING!

Do you know someone who could use this encouragement? SHARE THIS WITH THEM!

Is this series on fear helping you in any way? What’s something that you conquered in the midst of being afraid?

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