I Can’t Afford To Be Afraid Anymore



I’ve wasted too many days hiding behind fear

Scared to go there, scared to go here

Suffering in silence when my Spirit was screaming “SPEAK”

A tug of war between doubt and belief

Stuck in misery

Stuck in doubt

Stuck in insecurity

Should I stay comfortable or should I launch out into the deep?

A battle between destiny and self

Wondering do I stay here or do I go left

What if I go and fail

What if I go and everything crumbles

So many questions running through my mind

But that wasn’t the first time

I’ve been there before over and over again

Mind racing, heart pounding

When is it going to end?

But today was different than before

I told myself over and over again “THERE’S MORE”

Today is the day that it all ends

I’m saying goodbye to fear so my new life can begin

A life of purpose

A life of destiny

A life of boldness and courage, too

Today is the day that I take back my authority and command mountains to MOVE


Insecurity MOVE

Doubt MOVE

Today, I’m picking back up my crown and taking dominion OVER you!

Ladies, I pray that this encouraged you! Lets take on this journey of overcoming fear TOGETHER! Join me live on Woman:REDEFINED Facebook page for live discussions, challenges, giveaways, and MUCH MORE!!

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Thanks so much!😊


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Afford To Be Afraid Anymore

  1. I believe that you are on a wonderful mission here, for yourself and others whom you may encourage. I can relate. I have struggled with anxiety. The “word” that I claimed for 2018 is COURAGE precisely because I wanted to be bold and brave enough to speak up over insecurities and fears. Also, I like your poetic form in this post. I use poetic form in my blogging, at Grandma Mary Martha, and Telling Hearts. God bless you in your journey.

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    1. Thanks so much Tammy! Yes, I’m praying that other women will be inspired by my courage. It’s not enough for me to break free, I want other women to break as well!! Thanks so much for reading!😊


  2. So powerful and so encouraging! Love what your purpose and mission stands for, amen! It’s time to start declaring and affirming freedom for our lives, in Jesus’s name ❤

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