When Love and Mental Wars Collide

I said I was unworthy

He said I was worth dying for

I said I wasn’t good enough

He said I’m royalty

I said I couldn’t do it

He said I could

I said I was ashamed

He said I was forgiven

I said I was a failure

He said I was already crowned a winner

I said I was weak

He said I was strong

I said I couldn’t go on

He said I had what it takes to finish

I said I was bruised and broken

He said I was healed.

This was the mental war that I spent years trying to overcome. It was a war between negative thinking and TRUTH. For years I battled with this war between what I thought about myself and what GOD said about me. It was an up and down battle. I remember waking up in the mornings and making the decision not to give into negative thinking, but then something out of my control would happen, making me revert back to negative thinking all over again. I wanted to see myself the way God saw me. I really did. But somehow negative thinking had blinded me from seeing myself through the eyes of grace. It had blinded me from seeing myself through the eyes of unconditional love. God’s love. The truth was that no I wasn’t perfect and yes I had scars but love saw passed all of that. My imperfections didn’t make me unworthy in the eyes of love. God’s love. It gave love a reason to want to save me. It gave love a reason to want to spend time with me and make Himself available to me. It was an invitation for love to wrap His arms around me and remind me if TRUTH!

The truth that I’ve been redeemed

The truth that I’m worthy

The truth that I’m valuable

The truth that I’m LOVED.


It’s when mental wars and LOVE collide that the battle ends.

I no longer believe the lies because I’M LOVED.

I’m no longer stuck because I’M LOVED.

I’m no longer a victim because I’M LOVED.

I no longer have to battle anymore because I’M LOVED.

Love-1, Negative thinking-0

Battle OVER.

Thanks so much for reading! I pray that this encouraged you!

14 thoughts on “When Love and Mental Wars Collide

  1. This post is so moving! I love how it is written out! I know the struggle you were in… it is still something I struggle with!


    1. Praise God! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I honestly believe we all struggle with this in one form another but I’m so grateful that the grace of God is sufficient even in our weak moments. Thanks so much for reading 😊


  2. Love this!! I ver much share along with you the heartbeat of wanting to help others break free of their chains that the enemy has made them feel they are stuck in!! I was also there in that cycle of negative feelings. This is so awesome that your are speaking the truth in God’s word to pour His love into the hurting souls!

    Liked by 1 person

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