The Way Of Escape

The way of escape. That's exactly what prayer and the presence of the LORD is for us! It's the escape from worry and anxiety. The escape from fear and pain. The escape from shame and guilt. The escape from feelings of inadequacy and defeat. The escape from being overwhelmed. It's the escape from life's busyness… Continue reading The Way Of Escape

A New Day Is Coming

This morning I woke up  to the most beautiful vision of the sun rising over it's horizon. Although, in the natural it was still pitch black dark outside of my window, I had the most profound vision of the sun rising before me. When I looked outside of my window, because it was still pitch… Continue reading A New Day Is Coming

Faith To Believe

One thing I'm learning is that faith isn't just believing what GOD can do, but it's also believing what He said about me! It's choosing to believe that I AM fearfully and wonderfully made even when I don't feel like it. It's choosing to believe that I AM set free and delivered even when my… Continue reading Faith To Believe

The Fight Within

Hey ladies! Happy Monday! It's been so long since I've interacted with you, and I've definitely missed you all! So much has happened these last nine months. One of them being that I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy 😄 I'm so excited to share my journey of mommy hood with you all, and… Continue reading The Fight Within