The Fight Within

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! It’s been so long since I’ve interacted with you, and I’ve definitely missed you all! So much has happened these last nine months. One of them being that I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy 😄 I’m so excited to share my journey of mommy hood with you all, and to continue the mission of Woman:Redefined by encouraging you to live FEARLESSLY outside of the box for the glory of God! I have so much planned for our community this year and I’m so excited to see all that the LORD does in us and through us this year!

Lets continue to heal and grow together!

When I first found out I was pregnant with my little man almost immediately thoughts of fear and inadequacy tried to bombard my mind. I began to have thoughts like “Will I be a good mom”, “Am I capable of being a good mom”, “Is being a mom too hard of a job for me”. Negative thinking tried to get the best of me and even rob me of the very thing  that I had been praying and hoping for. That’s exactly what fear and insecurity does, the two come hand in hand to try to talk you out of everything that the LORD has for you.

Through out my entire pregnancy  I fought through these thoughts of fear and inadequacy by constantly reminding myself that God’s grace IS sufficient, and that HIS power is made PERFECT in my weakness!

The fight within becomes easier to fight when we fully accept that grace has already won the battle.

Where I’m weak, His GRACE steps in. When I’m afraid, His GRACE steps in. When I struggle to see pass my imperfections, His GRACE steps in.

What I thought would be hard, GRACE has made easy!


3 thoughts on “The Fight Within

  1. Congratulations on your bundle of joy 🎉🎈. God’s blessings to your family. God’s grace is indeed sufficient for every situation. He is with us. What may look impossible, He alone steps in and turns things around. May God continue to see you through this beautiful journey. Thank you for sharing your experience 🤗🕊

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