Seasons Of Transition


My transition to motherhood has undoubtedly been the most rewarding, fulfilling, and on some days even the most challenging transition I’ve ever experienced!

Truth is some days are so challenging and overwhelming that I often find myself in need of a little more comfort and reassurance. Those days when I question if I’m being a good mommy. Those days when no matter what I do baby just don’t seemed to be comforted or satisfied. Those days when no matter how much I plan, the day turns into a chaotic mess. Those days when peace seems so far away.

It’s on those days that I’m especially grateful for this truth. The truth that in seasons of transition NOTHING surprises God! He knew that on some days I would struggle more than others. He knew that on some days I would question my ability. He knew that on some days I would fail. Yet, none of it surprises Him.

I’m grateful for the truth that although this is new to me, its not new to Him! The truth that even before I entered into this new season, He was here waiting. Waiting to prove Himself in this season of my life as He did in previous seasons. Its the truth that reminds me in my most challenging moments that the same GOD who was with me in past seasons is the same GOD who’s with me in THIS season. The season may have changed but He’s still the same, leading, guiding, and reassuring me!

Whether you’re transitioning to a new career, starting a new assignment, starting a new hobby, or even moving on to a new destination, let this truth comfort you in your season of transition. That the same GOD who was there before is the same GOD who’s STILL with you even now, leading and guiding you through!

Thank you so much for reading! I pray that this encouraged you.

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How do you conquer seasons of transition? Comment below to let me know. I would love to hear from you. 😊

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