The One Who Carries Us Through


Today, as I watched my husband carry our son in his carseat into the house I became amazed at how calm and at a peace our son was looking up at his daddy. I believe he was so calm and so content because he trusted the one who was carrying him! He simply felt safe in the hands of his daddy.

As I watched how calm and content he was as his daddy carried him through the darkness into the house I began to think about how we, as children of God, can trust in our daddy! I began to think about how he carried and continues to carry us through the darkness. I began to think about how even in our most darkest times we can be calm and at peace because of the one who’s carrying us!

We can be confident even with uncertainty all around us because of the one we call our daddy. We can be filled with hope in hopeless situations because our daddy gives us confidence. We can believe in the impossible because our daddy specializes in making impossible things possible. We can live through what was supposed to kill us because our daddy is the giver of life.

I thought about how when we look up to our daddy we instantly feel safe and secure. I thought about how when we look up to Him we instantly feel brave, fearless, and like we can do and be anything! When we look up to our daddy we instantly feel the same way Peter felt when Jesus, with certainty in his voice, told him to “come”. We instantly feel the comfort Joshua felt when the LORD whispered to Him “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you”.  We instantly feel the confidence to pursue purpose the same way Jeremiah felt when the LORD reminded Him that “Before you were in your mother’s womb I knew you, and before you were born I set you a part”.

When we look to, and trust in our daddy, the same exact way that my son did, it’s in that moment that He can and will carry us through!


Thanks so much for reading! I pray that this encouraged you.

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