The War of the Middle

The middle.

The place of waiting. The place of process. The place of war between who you are and where you are with who you’re destined to become! Similar to a wound in the process of healing, it doesn’t always look good or feel good to be in the middle of a journey! It’s the battle of wanting to celebrate that you’re not where you used to be but knowing that you’re STILL not where you’re going to be! It’s being full of hope, and full of faith one day, and then the next being full of uncertainty! And it’s not that you want to doubt or want to be filled with uncertainty, but there’s a war going on!

A war between the process and the promise. A war between promise and manifestation.

I can imagine that this war was the same war that the children of Israel faced when going through the Wilderness. God had just used Moses to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians, and had promised them that He would lead them to the promise land. However, what they didn’t know was that there’s a process; an “in between” stage that comes along with the promise. Some of us may wonder why God decided not to tell the Israelites that before they reach the promise land they would have to go through the Wilderness. I believe it was because He knew that if He did, their focus would be more on the Wilderness than the promise!

The war of the middle becomes easier to fight when we keep our eyes on the promise, and not on the journey!

Discouragement WILL come.

Moments of fear and doubt WILL come.

But it’s in those moments that we have to redirect our focus to the promise. It’s in those moments that we have to redirect our focus to God’s love and faithfulness towards us!

I’ve had MANY times, when like the Israelites, I found myself in the war of the middle. Times when I knew what God promised and spoke over me but then found myself looking around and realizing that my right now looks NOTHING like what He spoke. Times when I’ve had moments of doubt, moments of fear, and moments when I even questioned if God was still with me. Not because I didn’t believe that He was going to do what He spoke but because my flesh had yet to see the beauty of the process, and the benefits of the wait!

You see, there’s beauty in the process, and there’s benefits of the wait :

-The process strips us of everything that we are and replaces it with everything that GOD is!

-The wait prepares us.

-The process strengthens us.

-The wait births faith in us.

-The process introduces us to a new, more whole, more fearless, more powerful version of ourselves!

Not only do we get to know who we are, but we get to know God for who He really is! It was in the Wilderness that the Israelites got to know God as provider. It was in the pit that Joseph got to know God as both deliverer and promise keeper. God doesn’t make us wait to punish us. He makes us wait because of His love for us! He could easily give us the promise right away, but how would that benefit us? How would that bring us closer to Him?

Is it a battle? Absolutely. Is it always easy? Nope. Does it feel like a never ending war sometimes? Yes. But even when it hurts, even when it doesn’t make sense, and even when we feel like we’ve been here for way too long, we can rest in knowing that we’re EXACTLY where God wants us to be! We can rest in knowing that He’s a promise keeper! And even if it takes five years, ten years, or even twenty years, He’s going to do EXACTLY what He said He’s going to do!


Thank you so much for reading! I pray that if you’re in a season of waiting that this encouraged and strengthened you for the journey!

Keep going!

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