When Love and Mental Wars Collide

I said I was unworthy He said I was worth dying for I said I wasn't good enough He said I'm royalty I said I couldn't do it He said I could I said I was ashamed He said I was forgiven I said I was a failure He said I was already crowned a… Continue reading When Love and Mental Wars Collide

The Love That Transforms

I'll never forget that night on my sofa. It was almost 1:00 in the morning and I was still wide awake thinking, meditating, and worshiping. I had become so hungry for God and HisĀ  presence that staying up late to worship was the norm. I was used to staying up late every night. I was… Continue reading The Love That Transforms

Overcoming The Affects Of Addiction (Victoria’s Story)

Hey, Friends How's your Friday going? Are you enjoying the sun shine? Are you glad it's finally Friday? I know I am!! Today, I am SO EXCITED to announce the "We Are Overcomers" segment of Woman:Redefined. The purpose of the"We Are Overcomers" segment is to show case the love and grace of God by sharing… Continue reading Overcoming The Affects Of Addiction (Victoria’s Story)