You Don’t Deserve To Be Loved By God

"You don't deserve to be loved by God" These were the words that screamed so loudly in my ear every single time I made a mistake, and every single time I failed to live up to being "Little Ms. Perfect". I remember these words screamed the loudest in moments of shame and guilt. The moments… Continue reading You Don’t Deserve To Be Loved By God

Overcoming The Affects Of Addiction (Victoria’s Story)

Hey, Friends How's your Friday going? Are you enjoying the sun shine? Are you glad it's finally Friday? I know I am!! Today, I am SO EXCITED to announce the "We Are Overcomers" segment of Woman:Redefined. The purpose of the"We Are Overcomers" segment is to show case the love and grace of God by sharing… Continue reading Overcoming The Affects Of Addiction (Victoria’s Story)

5 Everyday Things You Can Do To Overcome Depression

Today, as I thought about the millions of people in the U.S alone who suffer from depression  I couldn't help but to think about the time in my life when I found myself a slave to this mentally, emotional war. I thought about how I never want to see anyone else go through what I… Continue reading 5 Everyday Things You Can Do To Overcome Depression

Moms Who Suffer In The Dark

Every since I was a little girl my mom has been my hero, my greatest inspiration, my greatest support system, and undoubtedly the strongest woman I know. I've seen her go out of her way just to make sure that everyone else was o.k even when she, herself, was suffering. I've seen her lay hands… Continue reading Moms Who Suffer In The Dark

The Forehead Kiss

Every single morning before my husband goes to work he always comes over to my side of the bed and kisses me on the forehead. I'm not quite sure what it is about his forehead kiss but some how it makes me feel safe, secure, and all of sudden unbothered by the cares of the world.… Continue reading The Forehead Kiss

Living Life Behind The Mask

My senior year in college was definitely one to remember. Not because it was one of the best years of my life but because it was indeed one of the worst years of my life. I was filled with fear, dealing with so many insecurities, and a victim of private pain. I remember struggling to… Continue reading Living Life Behind The Mask

When Sex Doesn’t Heal Your Brokenness

Over and over again I contemplated writing this. Would it be too personal? Would it make people uncomfortable? Is it really necessary to share some of the most personal, intimate, details of my life? These were the three questions that ran through my mind over and over again before I finally opened my computer to… Continue reading When Sex Doesn’t Heal Your Brokenness

Dear Little Ms. Perfect

Dear, Little Ms. Perfect I remember a time when I would idolize and practically worship you. Every morning with a face filled with dark spots, and hair all over my head I would look in the mirror and secretly wish that I was you. The one who wakes up beautiful every day even before putting… Continue reading Dear Little Ms. Perfect