Beautiful Disaster: 3 ways to find peace in chaos

At one point or another we all have found ourselves in a place of total chaos. The place where it seems like nothing is going as planned, nothing good is happening, and everything around us seems to be tumbling down right before our very eyes. Last year I found myself in this place; the place… Continue reading Beautiful Disaster: 3 ways to find peace in chaos

When Love and Mental Wars Collide

I said I was unworthy He said I was worth dying for I said I wasn't good enough He said I'm royalty I said I couldn't do it He said I could I said I was ashamed He said I was forgiven I said I was a failure He said I was already crowned a… Continue reading When Love and Mental Wars Collide

The Love That Transforms

I'll never forget that night on my sofa. It was almost 1:00 in the morning and I was still wide awake thinking, meditating, and worshiping. I had become so hungry for God and His  presence that staying up late to worship was the norm. I was used to staying up late every night. I was… Continue reading The Love That Transforms

You Don’t Deserve To Be Loved By God

"You don't deserve to be loved by God" These were the words that screamed so loudly in my ear every single time I made a mistake, and every single time I failed to live up to being "Little Ms. Perfect". I remember these words screamed the loudest in moments of shame and guilt. The moments… Continue reading You Don’t Deserve To Be Loved By God

The New Place

The New Place Transitioning to a new place can be scary, it can be difficult, and it can even be devastating! Can you imagine how Abram must have felt when he heard God utter these unexpected words in Genesis chapter 12..."Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I… Continue reading The New Place

But God This Wasn’t My Plan

"But God this wasn't my plan"... This was my response when I found out that after only 5 months of marriage my husband and I was expecting our first child. I had it all planned out. We would be married for at least two years before we have our first child and the first two… Continue reading But God This Wasn’t My Plan

No Pressure

Whenever I thought about how I would feel the moment I found out that my husband and I were pregnant, I always envisioned myself being so excited that I couldn't contain myself, or crying so hard that I could barely breathe. I always envisioned a happy moment filled with thanksgiving to the Lord for giving… Continue reading No Pressure

I Can’t Afford To Be Afraid Anymore

I CANT AFFORD TO BE AFRAID ANYMORE! I've wasted too many days hiding behind fear Scared to go there, scared to go here Suffering in silence when my Spirit was screaming "SPEAK" A tug of war between doubt and belief Stuck in misery Stuck in doubt Stuck in insecurity Should I stay comfortable or should… Continue reading I Can’t Afford To Be Afraid Anymore

His Love Makes Me Fearless

Hey, Friends Happy Tuesday!! Today we're continuing our series on overcoming fear. Has this series helped you in any way? I pray that it's been an encouragement to you and that it has given you the courage that you need to overcome! As I sat and thought about what to write about today all I… Continue reading His Love Makes Me Fearless

Do Something| Facing The Giant Of Fear

If you could live a life free of fear what would you do?  Would you start that business you've always dreamed of? Would you go back to school? Would you finally speak out about the injustices you've been seeing in the world around you? Would you blog more often? What would you do? Now what… Continue reading Do Something| Facing The Giant Of Fear